A beautiful and unique summer wedding in Berlin

I had the immense privilege of photographing Kathrin and Sandro’s wedding in Berlin.

I love that they planned the whole wedding together, including Kathrin’s stunning, bespoke wedding dress, and they got ready together too. Why not! Their whole day truly represented their style and what they like.

35 degrees Celsius and bright sunshine set the perfect mood for this wonderful day.

Hildebrandt-9 Hildebrandt-16 Hildebrandt-19 Hildebrandt-27Hildebrandt-29 Hildebrandt-30 Hildebrandt-34 Hildebrandt-36Hildebrandt-43 Hildebrandt-45 Hildebrandt-46 Hildebrandt-47Hildebrandt-55Hildebrandt-58Hildebrandt-51 Hildebrandt-54Hildebrandt-61 Hildebrandt-63 Hildebrandt-65 Hildebrandt-68Hildebrandt-69 Hildebrandt-72 Hildebrandt-80 Hildebrandt-87Hildebrandt-88 Hildebrandt-94 Hildebrandt-95 Hildebrandt-118Hildebrandt-131Hildebrandt-135Hildebrandt-136Hildebrandt-138Hildebrandt-142Hildebrandt-147Hildebrandt-120Hildebrandt-122 Hildebrandt-163 Hildebrandt-164Hildebrandt-172 Hildebrandt-222 Hildebrandt-227 Hildebrandt-241Hildebrandt-247 Hildebrandt-254 Hildebrandt-258 Hildebrandt-260Hildebrandt-262 Hildebrandt-269 Hildebrandt-276Hildebrandt-290 Hildebrandt-291 Hildebrandt-294 Hildebrandt-298Hildebrandt-303 Hildebrandt-304 Hildebrandt-305 Hildebrandt-308

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