In-home natural light newborn photography session, Bristol

I had the honour of photographing one week old Abigail Joy – what a beautiful little girl she is. She slept through most of her session and was so easy to work with, what a little star. Also a nice opportunity to road-test some of the little blankets and hats & trousers I’ve been making!

Ballard Newborn-4-fb Ballard Newborn-2-fb Ballard Newborn-5-fb Ballard Newborn-9-fb Ballard Newborn-11-fb Ballard Newborn-12-fb Ballard Newborn-13-fb Ballard Newborn-16-fb Ballard Newborn-18-fb Ballard Newborn-20-fb Ballard Newborn-21-fb Ballard Newborn-22-fb Ballard Newborn-24-fb Ballard Newborn-30-fb Ballard Newborn-31-fb Ballard Newborn-32-fb

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