Engagement Shoot in Oxford

Just a little over two weeks to go until my last wedding with bump – I’ll be 32 weeks! I seriously can’t wait for this wedding, it will be such a special one to finish on.

Becky from Make Today Beautiful will be getting married to Toby, and I for one will have to make sure to put the waterproof mascara on. Their story and their love is just so beautiful.

I’m also so excited to be shooting my first ever wedding at St Aldates Oxford, which was my home away from home for 4 years while I lived in Oxford.

Bring it on!

Here are a few photos from our engagement shoot just outside Oxford.

Becky & Toby-009Becky & Toby-016Becky & Toby-018Becky & Toby-021Becky & Toby-027Becky & Toby-046Becky & Toby-051Becky & Toby-054Becky & Toby-056Becky & Toby-062Becky & Toby-065Becky & Toby-072Becky & Toby-077Becky & Toby-082Becky & Toby-085Becky & Toby-086Becky & Toby-095Becky & Toby-098Becky & Toby-102Becky & Toby-105Becky & Toby-120Becky & Toby-122Becky & Toby-128Becky & Toby-132

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