Engagement shoot on England’s South Coast

David and Vicki-190-fbWhen it comes to engagement shoots, I don’t mind travelling a bit further for the sake of a beautiful location. I love adventures and exploring beautiful new places wherever they may be. Next week I’m going to Paris for an engagement shoot, just if you didn’t think I mean business 😉

Dave and Vicki were up for exploring a new place, and we went on a little walk across the dunes down by the South Coast of England (believe it or not that this is in England – I’m still convinced this was actually in Italy or something) last week. Safe to say they killed it and I cannot WAIT for their wedding in August.

By the way – in case you can’t tell, I absolutely love photographing couple sessions (and my couples love them too, whether they like having their picture taken or not). These sessions are not just for engaged people! If you’re looking for something special to do this summer, hit me up.

Self promotion over, now enjoy looking at these beautiful humans.

Vicki and David-010-fbVicki and David-006-fbVicki and David-021-fbVicki and David-016-fbVicki and David-024-fbVicki and David-026-fbVicki and David-027-fbVicki and David-029-fbVicki and David-030-fbVicki and David-032-fbVicki and David-035-fbVicki and David-040-fbVicki and David-042-fbVicki and David-047-fbVicki and David-053-fbVicki and David-055-fbVicki and David-056-fbVicki and David-060-fbVicki and David-061-fbVicki and David-062-fbVicki and David-063-fbVicki and David-065-fbVicki and David-067-fbVicki and David-070-fbVicki and David-072-fbVicki and David-078-fbVicki and David-082-fbVicki and David-080-fbVicki and David-083-fbVicki and David-086-fbVicki and David-087-fbVicki and David-090-fbVicki and David-091-fbVicki and David-097-fbVicki and David-098-fbVicki and David-102-fbVicki and David-105-fbVicki and David-108-fbVicki and David-107-fbVicki and David-110-fbVicki and David-111-fbVicki and David-113-fbVicki and David-115-fbVicki and David-120-fbVicki and David-121-fbVicki and David-123-fbVicki and David-125-fbVicki and David-128-fbVicki and David-133-fbVicki and David-136-fbVicki and David-142-fbVicki and David-148-fbVicki and David-151-fbVicki and David-160-fbVicki and David-153-fbVicki and David-157-fbVicki and David-161-fbVicki and David-163-fbVicki and David-177-fbVicki and David-180-fbVicki and David-185-fb


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