Engagement Shoot in Paris!

When one of your summer brides is a true Parisienne, and she met her husband-to-be in Paris, you make sure that the engagement shoot happens in Paris, whatever it takes!

Rarely have I been more happy to get up at 5am than for this shoot (to beat the tourists to all the sites). Today was amazing and here are the final images!

Michael + Laura-009-fbMichael + Laura-011-fbMichael + Laura-017-fbMichael + Laura-029-fbMichael + Laura-031-fbMichael + Laura-041-fbMichael + Laura-043-fbMichael + Laura-047-fbMichael + Laura-049-fbMichael + Laura-050-fbMichael + Laura-061-fbMichael + Laura-065-fbMichael + Laura-069-fbMichael + Laura-074-fbMichael + Laura-079-fbMichael + Laura-083-fbMichael + Laura-086-fbMichael + Laura-087-fbMichael + Laura-089-fbMichael + Laura-094-fbMichael + Laura-102-fbMichael + Laura-105-fbMichael + Laura-106-fbMichael + Laura-107-fbMichael + Laura-109-fbMichael + Laura-111-fbMichael + Laura-113-fbMichael + Laura-119-fbMichael + Laura-120-fbMichael + Laura-122-fbMichael + Laura-127-fbMichael + Laura-134-fbMichael + Laura-136-fbMichael + Laura-137-fbMichael + Laura-139-fbMichael + Laura-023-fb

This shoot was so dreamy. Adventure sessions, whether abroad or within the UK, are my absolute favourites, so get in touch if you’d like to book in for one.

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