Wedding Wednesdays: 3 ways to boss your confetti toss

Cueva-421I’ve gotta be honest, the confetti toss is one of my favourite parts of the wedding day. It’s so much fun and often I get some of my (and the couple’s) favourite photos at this moment. Here are a few top tips on how to make sure that your confetti photos turn out epic.

1. The space

Barnes-269It’s nice if you have a long walkway to do confetti but I always recommend having the sides of your walkway lined with more than one-person-deep rows of people, or at least pack them in super tight. When it comes to confetti, there’s no such thing as “too much” (at least I don’t think so), so make sure that there are lots of people throwing confetti at the same time and that they’re all packed in.

Ideally, the space is in open shade, or at least with the sun behind you, at the time of your confetti toss so that no one squints.

2. The ‘throwing devices’

StonehouseWedding-372Confetti flies higher, and therefore looks better, if it’s either thrown by hand or, ideally, with some sort of cone – especially the lighter varieties (i.e. not dried petals) fly much higher that way. You can make confetti cones yourself super easily. The Knot have a nice video. Little mini bags or boxes filled with ‘wedding confetti’ never seem to get the confetti out on time.

I always ask guests to throw the confetti up rather than right at you… and sometimes they even listen!!

3. The confetti

Shelton edit-278Obviously go for bio-degradable confetti, there are lots of lovely options you can buy online. The bigger the confetti pieces, the less of it will end up getting stuck in your up-do, and it will be more visible in the photos!

Dried flowers are a beautiful option but they are smaller pieces, so make sure you get loads. On the flip side, lots of dried flowers can make you squint a bit more because the pieces are heavier and smaller. But of course they smell amazing, so it depends what you prefer 🙂

Hope these tips are useful! Next week I’ll talk about the best ways to boss your sparkler exit. Until then!

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