Wedding Wednesdays: 6 ways to nail your sparkler exit

Sparkler exits are such a romantic way to end a wedding and I think that every couple should do them. If you’re the kind of couple that wants to stay on the dance floor till 5am, just do a fake exit before your photographer leaves! Here’s how to get the most out of it:

1. Buy LOTS of sparklers


This is not the time to save a few extra quid – the sparklers will be the only light source on your faces for your exit, so the more you have, the better it will look. Give everyone two sparklers if your budget can afford it! Remember that not every guest will stay that late, but those who stay should be well stocked with sparklers to light your way into the honeymoon.

2. Go for the super long sparklers


For obvious reasons. Nothing is sadder (or more of a photographer nightmare) than dealing with sparklers that were lit too early and don’t last as long as they need to. You can get super long wedding sparklers online, these ones for example look like they’d do the job well.

3. Put someone sensible in charge (who won’t be too drunk) to light them once everyone is outside


Fire and tipsy people, that’s all I’m going to say about this. Tell the person in charge to light the sparklers only once everyone is outside and lined up. People take forever to leave a building, and you don’t want to waste precious sparkler life time! Even the extra long sparklers only last for two minutes.

4. Walk through the sparkers slowly


For two reasons. Firstly, you get to enjoy it much more if you walk slowly and can wave good-bye to all your favourite people. Secondly, it gives your photographer more time to capture those romantic photos for you. Win-win!

5. Walk next to each other

Teasdale Wedding-504

I don’t know why, but often one person charges ahead of the other during the exit. While this really doesn’t matter in real life, it just looks a bit odd in the photos. So instead, walk right next to each other like the married couple that you are, and if one of you wants to say good-bye to one guest in particular, just wait for them 🙂

6. Do something romantic in the middle


Stop half-way down your exit for a good long “movie-kiss”. Not just a quick peck on the cheek – I’m talking full-on smooch, or pick her up, or have a little romantic slow-mo dance – you will have time to do it (see tip #2) and I guarantee you, you’ll want to frame those photos because they will be your some of your favourites from the wedding day. Sparkler magic at its best.

Have you done a sparker exit at your wedding and got any tips to add? Comment below!

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